College Prospectus

1 3.2-Extended Profile of AQAR, 2.4.1- Number of full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the year 2020-21 (Additional Information)21-03-2022 Click Here
2 List of Projectors in college Till-202127-12-2021 Click Here
3 COLLEGE PROSPECTUS (Old-2015-16)25-02-2020 Click Here
4 Affiliation letter (back page-2) of M.A.-Sociology and Political Science 1997-9806-02-2020 Click Here
5 Affiliation letter of M.A. and M.Sc.-Political Science 1997-9806-02-2020 Click Here
6 Affiliation letter of B.A. and B.Sc.-1989-9006-02-2020 Click Here
7 Affiliation letter of M.Sc.-Mathematics 2017-1806-02-2020 Click Here
8 NEW COLLEGE PROSPECTUS 2019-2001-10-2019 Click Here