12.7.1-Online SSS regarding Teaching Learning Process 13-06-2021 Click Here
22.6.3-Average Pass percentage of Students during last five years 13-06-2021 Click Here
32.6.2 Attainment of programme outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution. 13-06-2021 Click Here
42.6.1 Program outcomes, Program Specific outcomes, for all program offered by the institute are started and displayed on website 12-06-2021 Click Here
52.5.2-Mechanism to deal with Internal/External examination related Grievances is Transparent, Timebound and Efficient 12-06-2021 Click Here
62.5.1-Mechanism of Internal Assessment is Transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode 12-06-2021 Click Here
72.4.3-Average teaching experience of Fulltime Teachers in the same institution (Data for the latest completed academic years) 12-06-2021 Click Here
82.4.2-Average percentage of Fulltime Teacher with PhD during last five years 12-06-2021 Click Here
92.4.1-Average percentage of fulltime teachers against sanctioned posts during the last five years 12-06-2021 Click Here
102.3.3-Ratio of student to mentor for academic and other related issues (For the latest completed academic year) 12-06-2021 Click Here
112.3.2-Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process 11-06-2021 Click Here
122.3.1-Student centric methods are used for enhancing learning experience 11-06-2021 Click Here
132.2.2-Student-Full time Teacher Ratio (Data for the current Academic year) 11-06-2021 Click Here
142.2.1-The institution Assesses the learning level of the students and organizes special program for advanced learner and slow learner 11-06-2021 Click Here
152.1.2-Average percentage of seats Filled Against Reserved Category 11-06-2021 Click Here
162.1.1-Average Enrollment Percentage (of last five years) 11-06-2021 Click Here