Anti-Ragging Committee

1 Anti-Ragging Committee 2021-2210-09-2021 Click Here
2 Anti-Ragging Committee 2019-2010-09-2021 Click Here
3 Format for anti-ragging for Parents/guardian29-08-2021 Click Here
4 Format for Anti-ragging affidavit for students29-08-2021 Click Here
5 Anti-Ragging details29-08-2021 Click Here
6 ANTI-RAGGING CELL Anti-Ragging Measures taken by the college (1)_Anti-ragging cell is formed in the college (2) Anti-ragging squad is constituted in college for inspection in and around the campus (3) Notice-board is existing at the campus (4) Anti-ragging Notice is wall-painted in the college (5) CCTV is installed in suitable places (6) Identity card is issued to each student (7) Identity card is checked at the entrance gate (8) Anti-ragging Affidavit is necessary to fill by every student and their parent at the time of admission (9) Precautions, Notices and Format for anti-ragging are given in the College Prospectus (10) Programs are organized in the college. Convenor-Dr. R.K.Verma (9770141146) Member- Prof. D.K.Bhardwaj (9406144987) Prof. Praveen Jain (9827404935) Anti-raggingSquad-All College Officers 29-08-2021 Click Here
7 Rules and Regulations for Prevention of Ragging13-07-2020 Click Here
8 Anti ragging committee 2018-1931-12-2019 Click Here