13.5.1-Number of Collaborative Activities for Research, Faculty exchange, student exchange, internship yearwise during last five years 09-06-2021 Click Here
23.4.4-Average percentage of students participating in Extension Activities 09-06-2021 Click Here
33.4.3-Number of Extension and Outreach programs conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC/YRC etc. 09-06-2021 Click Here
43.4.2 Number of awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government/ government recognized bodies during the last five years 09-06-2021 Click Here
53.4.1-Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community during last five years 09-06-2021 Click Here
63.3.3-Number of Books and Chapters in edited volumes, Books published and Papers published during last five years 09-06-2021 Click Here
73.3.1-Number of PhD registered per eligible teacher during the last five year 09-06-2021 Click Here
83.2.1 Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations and has initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge 09-06-2021 Click Here
93.1.2- Percentage of teachers recognized as research guides (latest completed academic year) 09-06-2021 Click Here