Student Union


Every year according to government direction, Student Union is constituted. The union takes their oath from Principal. The student union of each academic year acts positively in the development of college in the guidance of the union in-charge and patron, i.e., Principal.  Student council also works in the postgraduate department. This council acts to organize some student's related program which helps to develop their personality. 

There is "STUDENT COUNCIL-made from President, Vice-president, Secretary and Joint secretary.  An activity body is made from CR (class representative_. There is an women reservation for the post of Student Council,in the year-wise rotation pattern.

Following is the list of Student Union per year; either nominated or elected:

SESSION                      PRESIDENT                                    SECRETARY                               

2001-02                   YUGAL  KISHOR  ADIL                               NEELMANI  CHANDEL               

2002-03                    POSHAN  LAL VERMA                                NET   RAM  PARIHAR                       

2004-05                  VANDANA  VERMA                                       MOHIT   KUMAR  SAHU               

2005-06                    HEMANT  KUMAR  BAGHEL                     NEERAJ  KUMAR  SONI

2006-07                    MANOJ  KUMAR  SAHU                              CHANDRA  KIRAN  DEWANGAN

2007-08                    SANTOSHI  THAKUR                                  TUKESHWARI  VERMA

2008-09                    PRAGYA  CHANDRAKAR                           SUNIL  KUMAR

2009-10                    CHANDRASHEKHAR  DEWANGAN         YOSHODA  DEWANGAN

2010-11                    BHAVISYA  KUMAR  JAIN                          REKHA

2014-15                  PRAVEEN  KUMAR MADHRIYA                 MANSI SHARMA

2015-16                    BHAVANA  DEWANGAN                             YOGENDRA  KUMAR

2016-17                    ALOK  PRASADSAHU                                  KRISHNA  KUMAR VERMA

2017-18                    SHWETA  NIRMALKAR                               KHILESHWARI

2018-19                    BABITA                                                           LATA

2019-20                    REENA                                                          CHITRASEN                     

2020-21 (Covid-19)

2021-22 (Covid-19)